November Newsletter from Pastor Kelly

The Power of Prayer: Recently I made The Remnant (a title I have given the Wednesday night Bible Study crowd) aware of someone who needed prayer. Elizabeth Garris was hospitalized and waiting on her doctor to bring her life-changing news. I learned that Elizabeth was not a Christian. The Remnant prayed asking the Holy Spirit to prepare the way for me to share the Gospel with her. When I walked into her hospital room I sensed a calm and a peace that is utterly unexplainable. There was no time for developing friendships, as some believe is necessary to share the Gospel. I knew The Remnant had prayed and I knew God wanted to save Elizabeth. “Elizabeth, in a few minutes your doctor is going to walk through that door with news that could change your future on earth. Are you ready to meet God? Can you say with all confidence that when you die you will go to heaven” She replied, “No, but I want to go to heaven!” We prayed together, and Elizabeth earnestly asked Christ to save her and forgive her. Thanksgiving will have a different feel around the Garris home this year. Christ makes the difference.

Christ Makes the Difference: Those words echoed through my mind while I was on the campus of North Greenville University. Christ Makes the Difference was the University’s motto. How has He made a difference in your life this year? Anything changed? For me, Christ made a difference in my discipleship efforts. This year I met with six young married men in our church for the purpose of getting to know them better. Luke, Colin, Josh, David, Chris and Scott have been a real blessing to me. I promise to do more discipleship in 2018. How will Christ make a difference for you in 2018?

Parkside Church:  I appreciate the church allowing me to get away and expend my final four days of vacation. It was the trip of a lifetime. As most of you know I did my dissertation work on Dr. Alistair Begg, pastor and expository preacher at Parkside Church Cleveland, Ohio. After we attended the 9:45 worship I anticipated getting back at 6pm for the Bible Study. Dr. Begg’s secretary Kay alerted him to the fact that we were there from Texas. I’m known around Parkside now as ” the guy from Texas.” During the evening service Dr. Begg introduced me as his friend and invited me to the pulpit! He asked me to share about my ministry and my church. Then I told them about my dissertation on Dr. Begg and its content. They were so gracious. After church, many came and requested copies of my work! Thank you again for letting me go. I do not feel that this is the end of that accomplishment, only the beginning of its life-application! Follow Alistair Begg’s teaching at

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Thank you: Ericka Perez for answering the call to help by monitoring students on Wednesday night during Open Gym. Because of your willing spirit the Wednesday night meals keep coming to the table! We love you Ericka.

Pray and fast for: Michael Smith- ETMC arm infection, Joyce and Grady Rude, Elizabeth Garris and her new walk with Christ, and Baby Lukas.

Pray for these to be saved: Phillip and Randy Collier, CH Pendergrass, and Angel Comeaux.

I am elected by God to shepherd the local church,

Pastor Kelly-